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Celebrating Life
Nancy Weber    Nancy Weber  She's a registered  nurse, an interfaith minister, an author, a songwriter, an educator, a motivational speaker, a  holistic health lecturer, a radio and TV host, a co-founder and president of a non-profit organization, and a psychic who receive a police badge.  Nancy has a profound gratitude for life and expresses her joyful reverence by expanding and exploring her own God given gifts and by empowering others to find and develop their own. 

Born into a Jewish home where her grandmother kept a kosher kitchen and her mother taught hebrew school, Nancy was educated in a mixed ethnic Brooklyn school system in which the Jewish kids got all of the Christian holidays off and learned all of the Christmas songs.  Far from being an experience which devalued her family traditions, Nancy's eyes were opened to a greater understanding of universal spirituality and the strength humanity gains from the connection with Ultimate Creator, no matter what the culture. 

Nancy feels a connection with all life, and expresses her profound gratitude for her own existance and for love by aiding the purpose of creation through her ministry.  Her life is devoted to making a positive difference.

Along with preforming the celebrations of  life, Nancy also fosters consciousness through her tapes, manuals, books, and her work with  the Holistic Alliance International.

In 1963 she became a Registered Nurse.  She officially left conventional nursing in 1973 and began her work of service as a holistic health educator and healer.   In 1977 Nancy became an Interfaith Minister as a continuation of her life of seeking and service.

In 1980, when a close friend became engaged, Nancy understood Sukey’s need to incorporate elements of her own Jewish background along with her fiancé’s Christian background for their wedding ceremony. This was the first wedding Nancy performed.

Since 1980 Nancy has performed  thousands of weddings.  In 1989 she performed her first baby blessing for dear friends.  In 1993 Nancy performed her first memorial service for another dear friend.  Her intuitive gifts have assisted her in composing ceremonies for others that, whether she has met than or not, speaks of their hearts and minds.

Nancy and her husband Dick have performed weddings for many inter faith couples including: Jewish-Christian, Jewish-Muslim, Muslim-Christian, Hindu-Christian, Hindu-Jewish, Hindu-Zoraster, Buddhist-Christian, and so on.
Nancy has had the unique pleasure of conducting a Christian service in a Catholic Cathedral.  You may have seen her on several national TV shows, including the Wedding Story, where she performed a Christian service with Mexican traditions at Waterloo Chapel in Byram, NJ. 

Nancy and her husband, Dick Weber, wrote two source books for personalizing life celebrations, “Compose Your Own Wedding Ceremony”  and “Compose Your Own Baby Blessing Ceremony”.  These books are given to the couples they work with to ensure the couple have choices and ideas that are true to their own spiritual beliefs.  Many couples wishing a romantic, spiritual wedding without content relating to any religion have delighted in using their source book.

Ever since childhood Nancy has been in communication with those who are no longer on this earth and so the memorial services she conducts are filled with a beautiful intuitive love of the spirit of the person who has left this earth.

Both Nancy and Dick appear as ministers on national TV performing weddings. Nancy's greatest joy is to be with her family, garden, pet her cats, find dogs to play with, dance, sing and grow closer in her union with life.

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